Shea Brand was founded by three friends - Marie, Austin and Krystal. We came together from varying backgrounds to pursue a common goal: to build a self-care brand, backed by science, that combines the most potent and effective raw ingredients into life-enhancing products that look beautiful and are sustainably produced (and accessibly priced). With our strong focus on conscious living and our customers’ real needs, Shea Brand aims to redefine beauty in terms that build a positive and ethical connection between our health and wellbeing, our bodies, our city settings, and the natural world.

Shea Brand is not here to shame you into buying our products on the pretense that they will make you feel more perfect or more complete. Rather, we are here to support you for exactly who you are.


We look forward to telling you more in person, and we hope you like the ever-expanding array of Shea Brand products, the distinctive visual aesthetics, and the commitment to a unique customer experience that we have worked so hard to make real. 



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630 Flushing Ave (5th Floor)

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Our CBD Products contain under 0.03% THC.