Electric Daisy Face Trio



This bundle includes:

Electric Daisy + CBD Tightening Enzyme Face Mask

Electric Daisy + CBD Regenerative Day Serum

Electric Daisy + CBD Brightening Exfoliant


Each individual product contains 50mg CBD.


CBD provides soothing therapeutic effects for your skin and mind. These products also contain Electric Daisy, a stimulating medicinal plant that is known for giving a tingly sensation when consumed orally or added to skincare, and is sometimes referred to as a “natural botox” (it’s traditionally a tooth numbing agent). When added to skincare it results in a powerful tightening effect.


Electric Daisy + CBD Tightening Enzyme Face Mask

Rich in fruit enzymes and Omega 6, this mask is designed to gently draw dirt and oil from the skin while working to even, nourish, tighten, and improve elasticity. Rather than using clay to pull dirt and oil from your pores, an enzyme mask gently eats away at the debris sitting at the surface of the skin. This sloughs away dead skin cells along with dirt, leaving your face cleansed and plumped without drying out. On top of this, cassia angustifolia seed extract (acts as a natural hyaluronic acid), organic periwinkle extract (very powerful antioxidant and skin tightening), and a blend of organic AHAs - including glycolic acid to promote collagen - work synergistically to rejuvenate damaged or dull skin.


Directions: Apply to face and neck until fully coated. Wait 15 minutes and then gently wash off with warm water.


Electric Daisy + CBD Regenerative Day Serum

This serum is a stimulating, collagen-boosting, cell regenerative face serum designed to hydrate and enrich the skin. An array of omegas, antioxidants, and peptides nourish the skin so skin cells become plump and smooth (including aloe and rose flower extract work alongside reishi mushroom extract to keep your skin healthy, soft, supple, and hydrated).


Directions: Apply a few drops of serum to a clean face and spread evenly. Use in the morning or afternoon before applying an everyday, gentle face moisturizer.


Electric Daisy + CBD Brightening Exfoliant

This creamy exfoliant combines ultra-fine volcanic ash with highly effective natural ingredients to keep your skin clear and nourished. White willow bark and green tea extract work to brighten and even out skin tone, while volcanic ash exfoliates and cleanses. Ingredients like liposomal Vitamin C from lemon peel and Omega 3&6 enriched rosehip oil help keep your skin hydrated and balanced.


Directions: Apply a small amount to a clean face and scrub for one minute. Do this once per week or as needed. Wash off with warm water and immediately apply face moisturizer or a hydrating serum.


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