Everything You Need to Know About Electric Daisy

October 18, 2019

Healthy skin makes us feel confident and beautiful, but skincare is not about looking perfect or “fixing” your skin. It’s about embracing your body, taking care of yourself, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. 


There are endless skincare products out there that promise to deliver radiant and youthful skin, but the truth is that gorgeous skin is healthy skin. That’s why we always work with raw, effective plant ingredients that heal and regenerate your skin by supporting its natural processes. 


When we learned about electric daisy, a small medicinal flower originating from Brazil, we knew we had to explore the effects it could have on our skin. What we found is that electric daisy—also known as Spilanthes, the toothache plant, buzz buttons, or Sichuan buttons—is a powerful anti-inflammatory and stimulating ingredient. Electric daisy works as a “natural BOTOXⓇ” because it invigorates cells and structures in our skin to produce a tightening, brightening, and skin-evening effect.


This medicinal plant is exactly the kind of natural ingredient we love to work with because it comes directly from the Earth and supports your skin’s natural health, healing, and vitality. We’ve just launched a new facial line containing Electric Daisy as the star ingredient—try it out for yourself here.


Keep reading to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Electric Daisy, your skin’s new best friend! 



What is Electric Daisy and where does it come from? 


Electric Daisy is an edible herb that produces small flowers in the summer. Its scientific name is Acmella Oleracea - but it has also been coined as “electric daisy” or “the toothache plant” due to the tingling sensation it delivers to the teeth and gums when chewed. The edible flowers are incredibly potent and have been used medicinally for years to treat gum inflammation. 

The substance in electric daisy that gives its characteristic tingling sensation is spilanthol, an alkamide which has anesthetic and analgesic (pain relieving) effects. Electric daisy flowers have about 1.2% of spilanthol, while the leaves contain much lower concentrations. Spilanthol is also found in echinacea, a similarly soothing medicinal flower often taken as a tea to soothe a sore throat.



Why should I use Electric Daisy in my skincare routine? 


When applied to your skin, electric daisy works to tighten and improve elasticity. The active spilanthes alkamides in this flower temporarily “freeze” or shock the muscles and structures beneath your skin which releases muscle tension and stimulates collagen & elastin production. This is why scientists have found that electric daisy “can be used as a substitute for BOTOXⓇ in cosmetic applications.”


This “natural BOTOXⓇ” can work wonders on your skin without any injections. Electric daisy stimulates collagen & elastin production, therefore helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and keep skin looking plump and smooth. 

This plant also contains cannabinoids and other compounds that give it an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and healing properties for the skin. It is effective for improving skin pigmentation by brightening dark spots, repairing scars, and evening skin tone in general. It helps to heal damaged areas by encouraging new cell growth, works to balance oil production, and tightens your pores. This botanical super ingredient has the power to transform your skin and support it’s natural healing processes from within.



The Shea Brand Electric Daisy Face Trio is an excellent place to start with electric daisy for skincare. We launched a face mask, an exfoliant, and a day serum containing this medicinal flower to help cleanse, heal, and enrich your skin on a daily basis. 


With so much out there it can be overwhelming to know what to add to your skincare routine. Keeping it minimal with nutrient dense products will help you eliminate extra steps and give your skin everything it needs quickly.


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