Why Shea Should NOT Be Confused With Body Butter

March 16, 2017


Other skin care products include and promote the inclusion of shea butter, but most are fundamentally different from our Shea. “Body butter” products are case in point.


What is “body butter?”


The term normally refers to oil or water-based creme or lotion products that come in jars and are accessed by dipping one’s fingers into a container versus pumping the product from a bottle. Most whipped body butters - including the significant number that include shea butter - are heavily diluted with water or oil to make the butters more liquid and whipable. They are often airy and light, and can quickly absorb into the skin. As with other available shea butters that are sold as “whipped,” body butters are often created by first melting and then whipping together various oils and fats.


If not body butter, than what can I expect from “Shea”?  (Why is Shea Brand whipped shea butter different?)


Our Shea, unlike body butter, is designed to be thick and solid to the touch – as raw, organic shea butter is meant to be.  Our whipping method breaks down the cell walls of the raw shea butter, making it fluffier, easier to corral and apply, and generally more inviting to the skin. We never melt our shea butter, and only 1% of the product is diluted when we include Vitamin E and essential oils.  This is why Shea stays on your skin longer (which in turn creates a protective barrier), and then absorbs rapidly enough to disappear without leaving your skin feeling too greasy. It’s soft to the touch and a little goes a long way. 


Shea was created to be that distinctive happy medium among skin nourishment and protective products that is as nourishing as the best lotions and as protective as Vaseline - but shouldn't be confused with either.

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